My Island Job Simulator

My Island - Job Simulator

My Island - Job Simulator

Welcome to My Island - a real life simulation game where you can choose the job you want or sell items to get money. You can also buy all the houses. Have you ever dreamed of living Job Simulator? Everything depends on you! Achieve your dream

My Island Life Simulator

You can create your own story. The idea of the game is about a young man who lives Life Simulator, and you must help him to find a suitable job because there are many jobs waiting for you that you must try, such as working in a café, fishing, harvesting apples from the farm, or even chasing escaped chickens and collecting them to earn money. You can also have entertainment, play basketball, and get money at the same time. You can also buy houses and earn more money from rental income, or collect accumulated items on the island, such as boxes, rocks, wood, and gold, which you can sell to get additional money, and with this you can move to next stages and discover many adventures and difficulties that you will experience, which is considered one of the most enjoyable Life Simulator games ever, so what are you waiting for? Live your experience now

My Island Simulator

Game Properties
My Island game is a "Job Simulator" with amazing and attractive graphics and easy control, which gives you a real experience and fun in playing. The method of playing consists of choosing the suitable job that you can change at any time. You can also play "Farm", where you can collect firewood or crush rocks and sell them to get more money, in addition to buy houses and get the incomings so that you can buy your own island. My Island Life Simulator game contains four different and various islands so that you can live a different experience at each stage. For this reason, make your own strategies in order to develop yourself in the game and get everything you want. As you can see, this is everything in the Life Simulator game. The rest depends on you.

My Island Job Simulator game

Download My Island game now and enjoy. It is free and offline