Blue Bob‏ 

The game takes place in a supernatural world, Blue Bob's friend is kidnapped by one of the doers in the forest. And here the adventure begins in defeating the enemies, you have to collect as many gems as possible so that you can develop your own skills to overcome all difficulties. Blue Bob Game also gives you well designed levels, different enemies and powerful bosses, and the gameplay is very simple and easy, it is suitable for all ages and has excellent high-quality graphics, great music and sound effects that make a good impression.

🔹 Game Features
Blue Bob - Super World game style is a 2D platform full of different challenges and adventures. The game allows you to collect gems to buy additional skills or power to help you eliminate enemies faster. Blue Bob also includes types of ideas like escape from the magical monster and face the boss in addition to the normal mode of play. Enemies get stronger with each new level you pass. That's why develop your skills, overcome all obstacles and traps, defeat evil monsters, and help Bob rescue his kidnapped friend.

This Blue Bob game is a free game and you can play offline.

🔸 Features
- Collect coin to buy skills
- More than 15 types of monsters
- More than 5 different skills
- Game is no paid; no purchase required
- Multiple levels over +45
- The adventure game is suitable for all ages
- Simple interface and easy control
- Beautiful high-resolution graphics
- Phone and Tablet support

Blue bob offers you more than 45 levels, full of excitement and great challenges, and we're still working on more levels!