Tower Climbing‏

Discovery of Tower Climbing game

It is a jumping ball in a tower full of various adventures and traps and your mission is to avoid barriers and difficulties. All you have to do is clicking to make the ball jump.

The goal of the idea of this game is to get through the difficulties to reach the highest possible level. The game of Tower Climbing enables you to collect various gems, including the blue gem that enables you to buy multicolored balls (more than nine different colors). As for other gems, they are considered as an additional force that provides the ball with extraordinary skills such as the black gem that turns you into a burning flame ball that destroys all that gets in its way from barriers and thorns. As for the pink gem, which gives you the advantage of picking up other gems remotely, and the last gem that gives you the pushing force and its mission is to accelerate your score in the game.

But never lose faith in your capacities skip the difficulties, and try to be the first in the world ranking Tower Climbing !

Collecting diamonds to unlock new balls
Additional force gained by the ball
Multiple and various levels
Amazing and eye catching graphics.
Simple interface and easy control
The game has no end
Balls of different colors
Challenging enough to reach the highest score