Shy Egg‏

Discover the game of Shy Egg Super Adventure

The idea of the game Shy Egg Super Adventure is about a story of three eggs, one of which was unable to get out of the egg because it is shy and your role is to restore the confidence of the egg itself through passing many adventures in the forest, you will need to go through various adventures where you will collect coin and jump on monsters and destroy them, and most importantly, it is strengthening Egg skills pass through difficulties in order to reach the highest possible level. Shy Egg game enables you to solve many diverse puzzles and traps, which give a character of interesting adventure, and this game consists of several different regions, including snowy and forested areas, caves, in addition to more than 12 different monsters. So what are you waiting for? Help the egg achieve its dream.

🔹  game properties 
It is an adventure type game designed with 2D technology with amazing and attractive graphics, and the way to play it is to run and jump in the woods and pass levels and destroy monsters and collect coins! But don't lose faith in your abilities to skip all adventures, try to be the first in the rankings in Shy Egg!

- Collect coin to unlock new characters
- More than 12 types of monsters
- More than 6 playable characters
- Multiple levels over 60+
- Stunning and attractive graphics
- The adventure game is suitable for all ages
- Simple interface and easy control
- challenges and puzzles are varied

Shy Egg offers you more than 60 levels, full of excitement and great challenges, and we're still working on more levels!